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Elevate Your Market Presence & Generate the Demand to Scale Your Business

We help ambitious organizations heighten their marketing capabilities to achieve their revenue growth goals.

Heighten Marketing Group is a B2B marketing firm specialized in helping maturing SaaS, software development, and professional services organizations grow revenue.  


Committing to the investment required to scale is a big step for many small and mid-sized companies. Heighten Marketing exists to help those organizations through our set of services tailored to achieve your growth objectives.



Marketing Strategy

As start-ups mature, so does their need for sound marketing strategy. From go-to-market strategy, persona building, competitor analysis, and positioning to lead-gen and lead nurture strategies, we work with you to build a strategy right-sized to your business needs and that align KPIs with your revenue targets.

Tactical Execution

A great strategy is only effective through sound execution that delivers measurable results. Working with your existing MarTech tools or newly implemented tools, we execute integrated marketing strategies that deliver ROI.

Content & Messaging

Developing the right messaging and compelling content that attracts and provides value at each stage of the funnel is mission-critical. We work with your subject-matter experts to develop the right mix of content to attract and engage your target personas.

Partner & Channel Marketing

Maximize the opportunity to grow your business through effective partner and channel marketing. In collaboration with your partners and sellers, we will build campaigns that increase awareness and generate high close-rate opportunities.

Event Marketing

Each event a business you hosts, sponsors, or participates in must leave a memorable impact with their audience. We work with you to execute an integrated engagement strategy that attracts and converts qualified leads.

Sales Enablement

Sales teams are most effective when equipped with the information, content, and tools required to progress leads and close sales. We collaborate and align with your sales leaders to understand how they engage leads and provide the tools needed to support their efforts.



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